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Dating a girl with emotional problems


Big community funding update! Long Term relationship with a girl that has issues? November 5, 8: So to start off I recently broke off a 2 year long engagement. A couple of the reasons were due to lack of attraction, predictability and boredom. Then one day I go to meet up with a new client for 3 weeks and there is a new girl there. She caught my attention along with perhaps all the other guys there. I kept to myself for the most part but we engaged in conversation and ended up having a lot of things in common and also shared the same passion in what we do and what we enjoy.

Dating a girl with emotional problems was refreshing to talk to someone who can relate and understand you in a way. On top of that she has a great sense of humor which I had never even realized was a great thing to have in a girl. It was nice and we would talk about everything. Im obviously attracted to this girl. I dig her personality and shes perhaps one of the most stunning women ive ever encountered. And I enjoy making her smile.

She then opened up some more and went into detail about her father and mother who divorced when she was young and how her father never talks to her. Of course these things manifest into an individual's upbringing and im worried that if i ever get involved with this girl it might spell hell later on. Ive been with troubled women in the past and I have no idea why it is im so attracted to those kinds of women.

When I was 24 im 29 now I decided to give up on dating and hooking up with girls and concentrate on getting my life right and finding a good, strong, attractive, spiritual woman. I stayed single for a long time and then when i turned 28 i decided to try looking for a girl i could Dating a girl with emotional problems my life with. Lots of girls in my cultural community Dating a girl with emotional problems single available and had many admirable traits, they were raised in good families, had a good education, and were level headed.

But I just couldnt help but see my whole future already unfolded before me This girl I like now is damaged and in a way so am I. I wont pretend like im perfect either. I have my fair share of issues.

My self esteem isnt that great although its improved greatly. I have anxiety and I stress too much. My intuition is telling me to leave but i cant help but really Dating Dating a girl with emotional problems girl with emotional problems into this girl.

Theres a part of me thats asking There's a scene in a movie called Before Midnight where after a 10 year relationship this couple get into a really bad argument. But the guy ends up going after her after she walks out on him.

She'll blame everyone around her...

Shes a tough case to handle. But because he loves her so much he makes it work and wins her back.

Dating and Emotions Dating and...

Its that passion that I want. My parents Dating a girl with emotional problems it.

If you are dating a...

I love my mom but sometimes she gives my dad hell and Dating a girl with emotional problems be extremely difficult. But my dad has so much patience with her and you can really tell he still is madly in love with her, he admitted to me he still has that passion for her from the first day he met her. Thats important to me to have in any relationship You're going to be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn't have "issues" of one sort or another.

Dating a girl with emotional problems one gets through this life unscathed. Dating a girl with emotional problems, can you clarify what these "issues" you speak of are?

Do you mean that her parents are divorced and she doesn't Dating a girl with emotional problems a relationship with her father? Because that could describe millions upon millions of people in this world, plenty of whom have healthy, lasting relationships of all kinds. I would actually call Dating a girl with emotional problems non-issues, myself. You're asking this because her parents are divorced Dating a girl with emotional problems she doesn't get along with Dating a girl with emotional problems dad?

Yes, people with divorced parents have successful relationships. Very few humans do not have issues. Very few adults do not have baggage to go with their issues. This woman does not sound damaged to me; she sounds like she's a member of a contemporary family.

I'm unclear why she's less worthy of a relationship with you than you are of one with her. Relationships are not movies. Women are not idealised romantic figures; they are fully actualised humans just like you.

Well besides having parental issues, she smokes too much has a few tattoos i dont mind the tattoos much and i think she may be scared of commitment. Also this is more of a cultural thing but my family is very conservative and religious. She isnt at all, although she does seem to be spiritual in a sense that she does believe in something bigger than ourselves. I don't say this just as an abstract point about what word to use, but rather to encourage you to start thinking of potential partners as fellow adults with agency in their livesrather than infantalizing them and framing them as children who are either "damaged" or "undamaged.

Real life, real relationships, real challenges, and real people are more complex than any movie. Over-romanticizing and oversimplifying your view of relationships does yourself and your partners a deep disservice.

To your specific question: Yes, countless people with "issues" have formed healthy, happy long-term relationships. The idea that the only people who have good relationships are those who had perfect childhoods is simply false. That doesn't say anything about the potential for a relationship with this particular woman, however, about whom I don't think much can be deduced given the few details you share here. Well, yeah, so what? I know plenty of people with divorced parents who are in happy relationships, just as Dating a girl with emotional problems know plenty of people whose parents stayed together who themselves are in unhappy relationships.

I am a big sports fan. At the beginning of every season, I look at my teams and decide what they will be like this year. Thousands of prognosticators talk about the team "on paper". There is a reason they play the games instead of just doing some analysis of how teams look on paper. Judge this new gal based on her actions and HER words. She cannot and did not choose her parents. She is choosing to deal with her issues now in a way Dating a girl with emotional problems works for her.

Dating a girl with emotional problems you are already 29, I think with a little Dating a girl with emotional problems time, maturity will set in and you will see that "on paper" is bs.

If you like the woman and she likes you, try to work it all out. What is the old saying? Better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all? The question of whether or not anyone has ever Dating a girl with emotional problems a successful relationship with someone who had issues indicates to me that you are emotionally young and not very knowledgeable about how the world works. All people in all relationships have issues because people are human and human beings just come with baggage of some kind no matter who they are or what their upbringing is.

The real question is not do these things work, but rather are you mature and self-aware enough to recognize how these things work, and it sounds to me like you've lived a rather sheltered life and need to do some living and learning before you enter into a relationship with anyone again, especially if you've just broken off Dating a girl with emotional problems engagement.

Perhaps you need to take some time to assess what baggage you bring to a relationship, and then consider what baggage that someone else might bring as well and determine what is a deal breaker and what isn't. But start by realizing how sophomoric your question is, and get to the real Dating a girl with emotional problems instead next. That's the route to healthier and more fulfilling relationships. It sounds like you are struggling with attraction to someone who does not fit your familial and cultural idea for a partner.

You need to examine and deal with that rather than making up reasons her family history, her smoking and her Dating a girl with emotional problems why you shouldn't be attracted to her.

Are you dating someone, but...

It really sounds like you're scraping for reasons to look down on her in order to give yourself some distance, and it would probably not be a good experience for her to date you currently. Either accept and embrace the reality that you want to date outside your family's expectations or walk away. Considering that twenty-three percent of American women have tattoos and one hundred percent of people everywhere have issues, I imagine that at least Dating a girl with emotional problems of them are making long-term relationships work successfully.

I don't think this girl is damaged or fucked up or "has issues," but I do think that she doesn't fit your expectations of what a woman should be like. Wow, I didn't realize that most of my friends are damaged goods. It's fine if you're not compatible with this person, but it's not fine to frame it in a way that makes her deficient or wrong in some way.

Get over yourself and stop judging her. Break up with her if you insist on looking at her in such a condescending way. So your parents are still Dating a girl with emotional problems, but you've mentioned here and before that your mother, while very physically attractive especially in her youth, can be a Dating a girl with emotional problems to deal with.

If a man I was dating told me that I would consider him to have been just as "damaged" as I would someone telling me their parents are divorced and they aren't close to their dad. From your previous questions you clearly have some heavy issues when it comes to relationships, issues that could easily have developed from your parent's occasionally dysfunctional relationship. I'm not judging, I have issues too! And probably this woman you've met does as well. And also just about everyone Dating a girl with emotional problems the planet.

Basically, why are you demanding perfection when you yourself will never attain it?

Is there any chance that...

Jesus i'm pulling out the radioactive old line i've made fun of and ragged on so much, but this question really does say a fuck of a lot more about you than it does about her and really, it doesn't give us that much info on her since you don't really know much. To take stock she:

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