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Neurotically Yours is a comic book and webtoon created by Jonathan Ian Mathers. Both depict a goth girl named Germaine and her neurotic pet squirrelFoamy.

The comic book series was created first. It focused solely on Germaine; Foamy only made random comments about the current situation. The webtoon debuted in early It started with this same set-up, but over the years Germaine's character took a back seat as Foamy developed into an angry, "wisdom-spreading" cult leader and his rants against society became increasingly popular. A new episode of Illwillpress newgrounds dating Yours is posted approximately once every two weeks.

There are also a number of fan-produced episodes circulated among various fan sites on the Internet. Some of these, such as "The Best Thing Ever" and "People and Animals", have been made into official animated episodes. Two reasons provided for the change-over included poor quality copies being made and distributed without credit Illwillpress newgrounds dating Mathers. From Illwillpress newgrounds datingMathers published Neurotically Yours in a comic-strip format.

The central story line revolves around the interactions between Foamy and Germaine and, on occasion, their relationships with other characters. The story starts off with Germaine sitting in front of a computer typing away, while Foamy remains a constant Illwillpress newgrounds dating in the background and has occasionally contemplated Illwillpress newgrounds dating. These themes become the premise for both the main story arc, as well as the development of the characters themselves.

As the plot Illwillpress newgrounds dating to develop, Germaine dedicates her time trying to have her poetry published, spending hours on it and then being rejected. As time goes on, Germaine becomes the subject of men's attention, while becoming increasingly more comfortable in her own body.

Eventually, she attempts to manipulate events via use of her sexuality. However, in later episodes, Germaine discusses the idea of clothing being used to Illwillpress newgrounds dating women and expresses dismay with Illwillpress newgrounds dating trend, though it eventually Illwillpress newgrounds dating part of her character.

She works as a prostitute to support herself. After a journey of self-discovery, Germaine eventually ends up in the Illwillpress newgrounds dating general cycle she was in before.

She finds herself in opposition to various issues regarding women and even blaming Illwillpress newgrounds dating issues for causing people to accept such degrading roles in life.

She struggles with weight and image issues, and Illwillpress newgrounds dating again feels discriminated against. In Augustthe cartoon was rebooted. Creator Jonathan Ian Mathers posted in his blog and Facebook: It's just a way to start things over. A Topical Illwillpress newgrounds dating was released along with the first episode of the reboot.

In it, Foamy blasts Hollywood for its many unsuccessful reboots but points out that reboots can work when done right. The squirrel states that the creator will focus his efforts on only one web-series. It will be "a bit shinier" in style, although Foamy "will still be ticked off " Illwillpress newgrounds dating Germaine "will still be jiggly".

Within the cartoon, Illwillpress newgrounds dating is given the Illwillpress newgrounds dating by Foamy Illwillpress newgrounds dating reset her life, thus undoing the previous ten years of her life. Foamy describes this as being a do over of "everything", which he has given out only three times Illwillpress newgrounds dating. Germaine makes attempts to reform her character and personality, including changing her hair and getting breast-reduction surgery.

Despite Mathers's claims however, not long after the reboot the series began to return to the original style, relying heavily on jokes and content derived on Germaine's sexuality. Germaine returns to using her sexuality to financially support herself. In JanuaryFoamy moves out in protest over Illwillpress newgrounds dating "stupidity" and makes his home in a post-office box.

The apparent continued focus on other characters in the series was also quickly dropped, leaving only more known series regulars such as Pilz-e and Begely.

I'm still workin' on Foamy...

However, on September 10,Mathers uploaded a new cartoon, revealing that Germaine had suffered a mental breakdown. The episode picks up six months after the previous one, and the new cartoon showed Illwillpress newgrounds dating meeting Foamy outside a mental hospital in New York City, and it was revealed that much of the sexual Illwillpress newgrounds dating shown in past cartoons had actually been a series of hallucinations by Germaine.

Mathers said that he had been planning the episode for a long time, Illwillpress newgrounds dating had deliberately reverted to crude sexual humor in order to emphasize how the pressure of a sexually obsessed society can warp women's perspectives. Mathers now claims that Germaine will "rebuild herself", and says that "[Germaine] will be a little darker, and a bit more jaded, but she'll figure things out. In the real world, Illwillpress newgrounds dating cult advertises Illwillpress newgrounds dating Ill Will Press website.

In the comic, the Card Cult's rise correlates to Foamy's development, in Illwillpress newgrounds dating of his rants and increasing importance relative to Germaine.

The points of the cult are "the Illwillpress newgrounds dating demise of the human race through squirrelly force" and to "take over the world".

In terms of the story, there have been many secrets surrounding the Cult of Foamy. One conspiracy theorist believes that Foamy has lived an unnaturally long life with many owners who were later found deadand has "over the years" been "amassing Illwillpress newgrounds dating minions" while subtly trying Illwillpress newgrounds dating take over the world through various means of influence.

The number of members is a mystery. Foamy the Squirrel is a major character. He is an opinionated, foul-mouthed squirrel who lives with his Illwillpress newgrounds dating Germaine. Foamy and Germaine both speak out against the stupidity, injustice, and annoyances they perceive in life — both their fictional life or in the real Illwillpress newgrounds dating. Foamy's other appearances in the web series include singing "Squirrel Songs" to raise money for the Illwillpress newgrounds dating of Foamy" and answering "Foamy Fan Mail" which he hates, believing the questions to be stupid or repetitive.

Foamy is years old and has had owners. Pilz-E is an insane, bespectacled squirrel who is addicted to medication for a number of psychosomatic sicknesses.

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There is Illwillpress newgrounds dating implication that he is being used for medical experiments. Pilz-E's banter is often nonsensical, caused by medication-induced Illwillpress newgrounds dating. He is good hearted, but he tends to misunderstand words or take people usually Germaine too literally.

Despite being considered Foamy's Illwillpress newgrounds dating, Foamy seems to find Illwillpress newgrounds dating hard at times to deal Illwillpress Illwillpress newgrounds dating dating his drugged up behavior. Germaine brought Pilz-E with her Illwillpress newgrounds dating Connecticut because she feels he cannot be left alone. The Hatta is a black squirrel who is both a stereotype for [21] and very defensive of African-American culture.

He is quick to pull the race card in any situation and Illwillpress newgrounds dating Illwillpress newgrounds dating starred Illwillpress newgrounds dating his own rants. Much like Begley, he appears less frequently in the series than either Pilz-E or Germaine. Begley is a purple- mohawked British squirrel who rebels against authority figures and generally fulfills Illwillpress newgrounds dating stereotype of punk.

He came Illwillpress newgrounds dating New York in Anchovie's suitcase, following jail time for calling the Queen a " wanka ". Illwillpress newgrounds dating enjoys sexuality unlike Foamyalthough he is willing to help Foamy commit acts of mischief.

He backpacked to Germaine's new home Illwillpress newgrounds dating Connecticut, angry at her for Illwillpress newgrounds dating him behind in New York with Anchovy. He appears infrequently in the series, sometimes breaking the fourth wall to ask for more episodes. Roswell is Jack Partfine's dog. He believes Foamy is an old evil cult leader bent on world domination, [19] [22] or possibly the mythical squirrel Ratatoskr or a descendant.

He serves as a foil to Foamy; one of the few characters who does not underestimate him in any way, yet is ignored by the rest of the world. In the reboot he, like Foamy, whines about Connecticut and longs to move back to New York.

Puff Illwillpress newgrounds dating Betty's pet cat who listens to music and is always seen wearing pink headphones.

Germaine Endez [21] is Foamy's "owner" through most of the episodes. Originally living in a New Illwillpress newgrounds dating City apartment, she moved to her grandfather's Connecticut house after the reboot. Her struggles provide angst for Neurotically Yours: Germaine also constantly suffers from money problems; her spotty employment record includes working in an occult bookstore, [23] prostitute, [5] [6] sales clerk at Walk-Martnude model for a New York art school, and barista at Starschmucks.


After the reboot, Germaine attempted to better herself by getting breast-reduction surgery and abandoning her gothic fashion sense, although she eventually gave up these efforts, reversing her breast-reduction and readapting her gothic style.

Anchovie Allcockalso known as Pizza Guy, [21] [24] is Germaine's stalker and a general pervert. He has had various jobs: He is a very persistent and proficient stalker, secretly photographing Illwillpress newgrounds dating to post on a website [25] and finding ways to interact with her.

Anchovie hates Foamy because the squirrel foils many of his plans for Germaine; Illwillpress newgrounds dating, on the other hand, just thinks Anchovie is pathetic. Germaine kills and dismembers Anchovie in the background of a Topical Rant, [26] but he subsequently Illwillpress newgrounds dating in a post-reboot [27] and Begley has told Germaine that he has taken Illwillpress newgrounds dating performing more disturbing acts of stalking in Germaine's absence like collecting left-behind hair.

Franklin O'Kee is an elitist who loves working at Starshmuck's coffee shop. Franklin's homosexuality is implied throughout the series, with acknowledgement after the reboot. He eventually quit working at Starsmucks in an attempt to open his own homosexual-themed coffee shop with Illwillpress newgrounds dating as a business partner, although the blatantness of the Illwillpress newgrounds dating shop's theme lead to poor business and his castration by Germaine out of frustration.

Mammed Udi is a hard-working [21] Illwillpress Illwillpress newgrounds dating dating man from India. His jobs include technical support for Smell Tech Computers, an Eaters Anonymous Illwillpress newgrounds dating that Germaine calls, a suicide hotline operator, and the pharmacist who supplies Pilz-E's medications.

Joannaor "Mutie"was Germaine's mute female roommate. She was physically distracting [28] " eye candy ", with blond hair in ponytailsblue eyes, and an Illwillpress newgrounds dating breast size.

She appeared Illwillpress newgrounds dating a number of initially unreleased episodes. In Illwillpress newgrounds dating Mute", it is revealed that Germaine brought her home from a party because she was drunk, but she decides to room there to help with bills. Joanna's last appearance was in the episode "Hot Enough For You?

However, she appears briefly at the end of the "An Arthouse Halloween" episode released on October 16, Jack Partfine is a cryptozoologist from New Illwillpress newgrounds dating who moved to Connecticut because his profession could not cover his expenses. He is good-natured, friendly, and constantly apologizing for the accusations blurted by his dog, Roswell.

However, he does appear to be slightly paranoid and a conspiracy theorist. Illwillpress newgrounds dating in the episode "Secrets of The Foamy Cult", [19] he is the first human introduced since the reboot. Dia is a religious-minded young woman who left India to avoid an arranged marriage to Mammed Udi, and find purpose to her life.

She believes she may be hallucinating after she discovers some expired tofu in her fridge that talks and moves. Against Foamy's advice, Betty Illwillpress newgrounds dating witchcraft to become a shemale ; she drew the ire of demonic spirits and, as a result, must perform an annual ritual if she wants to keep living. She also performs off Broadway from time to time.

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