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Both are large and excellent newspapers, and over the years have been leading newspapers in Asia, having won many awards by international trade organizations. Ex-pats have consistently rated Thailand's newspaper status as among the best in Asia. Though both of the above papers have good business sections, if you need business information then you should also Free dating site bangkok post up Business Day"Thailand's first international business daily", though its website is flaky.

NET Sometimes a new English language newspaper will Free dating site bangkok post up for awhile, e. In farang centers, you can find many other international newspapers, though usually a little outdated. All international magazines and even a lot of specialized ones are available in the expat areas and beyond.

There are several Thai language newspapers, but few farangs learn Thai well enough to read the newspaper vocabulary of the Thai language, and so I don't cover them on this website. The Bangkok Post and The Nation both have home and office delivery service, and can be found Free dating site bangkok post sale all over Bangkok and in provincial capitals.

The Free dating site bangkok post Post was founded by an American Free dating site bangkok post in and is staffed with a mix of farangs and Thais. The Nation goes back more than 30 years, but took a major turn in by Thais who broke off from The Bangkok Post over reporting principles, and is directed and staffed more predominantly by Thais. Comparing the two is like comparing apples and oranges. Each has its strengths and weaknesses relative to the other, but one thing is clear -- they're approximately equivalent to each other in both quality and quantity of news and information.

Some people including myself who compare the editorials in the Post and Nation feel that the Nation is usually more critical of the government, though clearly both are critical to Free dating site bangkok post degrees. Many feel that the Bangkok Post gives a more farang "internationalist" view of sorts, whereas The Nation is a little better at local news and analysis. The Nation is sometimes qualitatively measured as fairly radical in this culture, and it seems to me to address questionable cultural values more often.

However, think and read and think for yourself. Many farangs who prefer the Bangkok Post seem to do so because of its "more farang" style, which Free dating site bangkok post in turn due to higher influence by farang journalists within.

I tend to prefer The Free dating site bangkok post because it seems to me to be more multifaceted and more sensitive and respectful to a diversity of viewpoints including more which I disagree within addition to somewhat better local analysis, in my opinion.

I feel that the Bangkok Post is still a little bit more of an establishment sort of conservative newspaper, and The Nation is a little more courageous, cutting edge and ambitious. Nonetheless, each paper has excellent pieces missing in the other, especially Free dating site bangkok post the analysis sections, and there is not a lot of difference between the Free dating site bangkok post. Some days the Bangkok Post is better, some days The Nation is better.

I want to make clear that I find some things questionable in both The Nation and The Bangkok Post, and am not endorsing either newspaper without some reservations.

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We'd like to remind you to not assume accuracy in news reporting in the Free dating site bangkok post newspapers Free dating site bangkok post Nation, The Bangkok Postthe foreign press about Thailand from outside Thailand and of course internet websites.

As you know, when a newspaper publishes stories about topics that you already know about as a specialist, you often see a lot of inaccuracies, poor analysis and misleading information. So, when you read articles about things you don't know about, do you assume they are more accurate? It's not just about Thailand; this is what motivated me to get into internet in the s, and I'm happily witnessing the erosion of the powerful centralized media like the BBC, New York Times, etc.

Journalists are often lazy, careless, biased, influenced by similarly opinionated peers who they surround themselves with, are Free dating site bangkok post by their views and not objectivity, have vested interests, etc.

A problem with expats in Thailand is that people parrot "the experts", there are a lot of "urban legends" parading as fact, and as expat newbies arrive, many unfortunately and ignorantly reinforce these mistruths, perspectives and attitudes. Daily Xpress - free - a smaller, tabloid style Free dating site bangkok post focussing on "lifestyle, human interest news, talk of the town events, entertainment and fun" and which appears more targeted at younger audiences The Nation - 25 baht - same as before but focussed on business and politics, though still with special sections such as travel, and which appears targeted Free dating site bangkok post more a mature audience The two are offered quite separately in public, but subscribers receive both, though only the Daily Xpress on Sunday.

The Nation is now thinner, with a lot moved to the Daily Free dating site bangkok post. There is no duplication of content between them.


The editor of The Nation moved to the Daily Xpress, so The Nation has a new editor, but a lot of the other staff are still shared between the two papers. Both Free dating site bangkok post newsstands and for subscribers, The Daily Xpress is stuffed inside The Nation, so it looks like a tabloid has been inserted into a newspaper, but it's a completely different format, there's no overlap between the two, and you can find the Daily Xpress in places without The Nation but not The Nation without the Daily Xpress.

It is confusing because I have found issues of The Nation at newsstands which was thin and didn't include the Daily Xpress inside, but lately every time I pick up The Nation, the Daily Xpress Free dating site bangkok post inside. Being free, the Daily Xpress is supported by advertisements, which becomes obvious by the first few odd numbered pages, but it's not too much, and then towards the end where there is a large Classified section.

Being the only free major newspaper, the Daily Xpress aims and claims to be the highest circulation English language newspaper in Thailand. It is designed to appeal to younger people who will take a free newspaper but Free dating site bangkok post pay for one, and who Free dating site bangkok post attracted to a colorful Free dating site bangkok post style paper much like several others around town, such as the reputable Guru magazine not associated with Thailand Guru, to Free dating site bangkok post answer many inquiries I receive, and they came well after me.

With so much content free now, not just the internet but also advertiser-supported tabloids, Nation Multimedia decided to toss their big hat into the ring, which might squeeze out a few others and upstarts. On-line, the Daily Xpress can be found at DailyXpress. Bangkok Thailand Tel: Further Discussion of the Thai Press The press in Thailand has been one of the most free in Asia for decades, and continues to be to date.

The newspapers are remarkable for their hard-hitting exposes of powerful politicians all the way up to the Prime Minister, the richest people, and entrenched organizations in Thailand, as well as their articles for community service, their intellectual editorials on cultural issues, and their select incorporation of articles from international newswires.

This is something usually taken for granted in many "Western" countries, so don't take it for granted in Asia. Just go to Singapore with only its official Straits [Jacket] Times or Malaysia or most any other bordering or regional country and look at the press there. Thailand has had periods of censorship e. In reading of all the corruption and other dirty issues in the Thai press, the overriding positive thrust is that the Thais can take pride in their free press.


Of course, there are also many creatively positive articles as well. The press is not allowed to publish any negative reports of the royal family, and follows certain sensitive guidelines in layout. All printed publications are bound by law in this regard. The existence of these lese majeste laws are not a sensitive issue and are accepted by all. The King and Queen are extremely popular due to their decades of hard work for the people of Thailand, especially the poorest people, and also stay out of politics except in very rare and extreme situations such as calling for an end to the physical conflict between pro-democracy students and the military inleading to a return to civilian led government and the last military run regime to date.

It is argued that the press has other limitations in its freedoms. Some very powerful Thais such as politicians, Free dating site bangkok post figures and big businessmen get easily insulted by what is Free dating site bangkok post about them, and have many ways of hitting back. Actually, it happens practically all over the world, including the U.

Even in cases that involve physical assaults, they sometimes Free dating site bangkok post not dealt with strongly and swiftly by the local police Free dating site bangkok post court system, though this situation has Free dating site bangkok post markedly in recent years. In the yearcompanies associated with the new Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra, suddenly started discontinuing advertisements in The Nation, reportedly due to orders from the higher-ups, in order to put pressure on the Free dating site bangkok post for more favorable reporting.

The Nation went public with this, rather than cave in. The newspaper is thinner now due to less advertising, but it Free dating site bangkok post just as critical of the government. The Nation's lawyers hit back and pushed forward an investigation of their own thru official channels.

It turned out that AMLO protocols were ridiculously bypassed. The investigation was based on one anonymous and vague letter, and was put onto the top of the priority list, in stark contrast to usual investigations. Before the present administration, back insome henchmen of a member of parliament walked into a Thai newspaper with guns to have a talk with the editors who wrote Free dating Free dating site bangkok post bangkok post piece critical of Free dating site bangkok post parliamentarian.

The police arrived but did not deal with the situation with a show of righteous force when they found out who they were dealing with. As is usual in Thailand, the situation was dealt with by having minimal loss of face, though the parliamentarian and his perpetrators had their reputations worsened or improved, depending upon your viewpoint when this event was reported in many other newspapers as well the next day. There have been numerous threats of lawsuits and filings of lawsuits for slander and the like, as is common anywhere, including western countries with the most free press.

A small percentage of lawsuits whose intent Free dating site bangkok post censorship get very far in the courts, much less result in major settlements, but some are tactically introduced.

It's also been said that mutual blackmail is Thailand's Free dating site bangkok post system of checks and balances, and helps explain why the big bad guys always go free and big problems don't get resolved. In the past, some journalists and publications have felt under the hammer of certain operatives at the Ministry of Justice.

Daily Xpress

The following is what Free dating site bangkok post heard from some ex-pats who have lived in Thailand for decades and either worked for one of the Free dating site bangkok post or are intimately familiar with them. None wish to be identified by name, and I have not verified the accuracy of all of the following comments on the Bangkok Post and The Nation. Further, I have been cautioned to be careful what I say about these supposed defenders of the right to free speech due to certain Free dating site bangkok post owners and other special interests within.

Some journalists and newspapers can dish out criticism a lot better than they can take it, and don't always uphold their own professional principles of objectivism. Get on their bad side for one reason or another your opinions, your knowledge, whatever and their good 'ol boy network might develop an "attitude" and ostracize you First, a little history. The absolute monarchy was toppled in by a coalition of the military and civilian intellectuals.

The civilians were led by Pridi Panomyong, a French-educated intellectual. The military was led by Phibul Songkram, an ambitious junior army officer who asserted the greater efficiency of the military in running the country, and considered the civil bureaucracy led by Pridi as too corrupt. The initial Prime Minister, Phraya Phanon, was an old military officer who kept Pridi's civil and Phibul's military factions balanced.

For decades, Pridi and Phibul would be the leaders of the two powerful forces running Thailand and struggling Free dating site bangkok post each other.

Inamidst military pressures from the neighboring British and French colonies, Free dating site bangkok post retired and Phibul assumed the role of Prime Minister. Phibul allied Thailand with Japan as a way of counterbalancing the Western colonial powers. However, on the day after Pearl Harbor, Japan invaded Thailand. Facing certain defeat, Phibul avoided destruction of Thailand's territory and armed forces by instead negotiating a very cooperative ally arrangement with Japan, especially as Free dating site bangkok post staging point against the British and Free dating site bangkok post. They also agreed that Thailand would declare war against the U.

Pridi was known as codename "Ruth" by American intelligence, and was widely trusted. Phibul became unpopular due to his association with the Japanese, and when Japan's strength weakened inthe National Assembly demanded the resignation of Phibul and reintroduction of civilian rule. Phibul went into internal exile.

Pridi was elected Prime Minister in January The Bangkok Post was founded in by an American and a Thai.

Money and other motivations in...

The king returned from studies in Switzerland in However, he was found dead in Free dating site bangkok post bedroom of a gunshot wound to the head in June The government initially Free dating site bangkok post it was an accident when he was Free dating site bangkok post his Colt 45, but few believed this, and outside forensic experts were called in.

They determined it was either a murder or suicide, and virtually everyone agreed it was fairly certain that it was a murder. The assailant and motive remains a mystery. The bungled government investigation along with Prime Minister Pridi's longtime antiroyalist assertions left Pridi responsible in some of the public eye.

Phibun's remaining camp was of course not supportive of Pridi, and some say that the leaders of a conservative opposition party also acted to hasten Pridi's demise. Pridi resigned in August and left the country some say escaped bullets, too on an extended vacation, with the assistance of McDonald. The years since have seen countless flip-flops between civil and military rule.

At the beginning, the Bangkok Post was independent and quite critical of the military leaders.

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