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Dating a loner boyfriend and girlfriend


The good news is that if we do commit, we are yours completely. We will ghost out sometimes to clear our heads, to think, to just exist by ourselves for a while. This is essential to who we are and what Dating a loner boyfriend and girlfriend need to come back to ourselves. We will need our freedom and space like we need air.

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If you are a clingy, attached-at-the-hip kind of person, you will be miserable with us. You are not someone we spend time with out of convenience, boredom, or loneliness, because we are never looking to fulfill those needs!

No, we do not always need to be doing things.

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We are highly sensitive Dating a loner boyfriend and girlfriend outside stimulation. If you need time Dating a loner boyfriend and girlfriend, we will happily give it to you with so much enthusiasm you will think we actually do not want to spend time with you. But, we are secretly happy to have surprise alone time. This is just what we do. An actual fun date night for us would be if we both read our respective books at a comfy coffee shop together, existing in the same place, but not needing to talk or do anything.

We are lovers, not fighters. We love peacefulness too much to disrupt our zen with a fight about something that is not necessary to fight about.

Sure, we may not be as into going to concerts, clubs, or loud bars. However, if your thing is stimulating conversations on a wide variety of topics, we will kill it in that department.

We are thinkers, not so much doers. And, what we lack in our social lives, we make up for with intimate, deep conversation about pretty much anything.

We are with you because...

Our superpower is the ability to somehow be calm no matter what the Dating a loner boyfriend and girlfriend is happening in our lives. The Dating a loner boyfriend and girlfriend important thing to know about us is that our need for alone time has nothing to do Dating a loner boyfriend and girlfriend our feelings for you. They are completely separate entities. We like you independent of how much we like our time alone.

If you can understand that and not take our ghosting out personally, then you will find us as devoted to you as our devotion to being alone. The cover and theme for my newest book was inspired by the concept of kintsugi. All that is dark or cracked within us has the capacity to be Dating a loner boyfriend and girlfriend, to be filled with light.

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