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Holiness code homosexuality statistics


This is the second in a series of articles examining the Biblical bases for Holiness code homosexuality statistics to homosexuality by The Rt. First, and most famous, of the scriptural texts used to condemn homosexuality are the two references in the Holiness Codes of Leviticus: The context of these two passages are the holiness and purity codes set down for the people of Israel — rules set forth both to define what was Holiness code homosexuality statistics Holiness code homosexuality statistics unclean before God, as well as what set the Hebrew people apart from their heathen neighbors who worshiped gods other than the one true God.

In a memorable speech on homosexuality at Trinity College inThe Rev. Kirkpatrick put the biblical code in context: Blemishes [including blindness and lameness] are abnormal, therefore unclean.

Now the assumption here is that to be a man is to desire women. Thus when a man lies with another man he is acting contrary to his own nature. It was inconceivable in this context that a man could be genetically Holiness code homosexuality statistics biologically predisposed to desire other men. To be engaged in homosexual activity therefore was to do what one was literally not inclined or predisposed to do.

This is what made Holiness code homosexuality statistics unnatural Holiness code homosexuality statistics therefore a violation of nature. This is an important point, difficult for the modern day mind to grasp: Same gender, intimate physical contact was not unknown, of course, but everyone was presumed to be heterosexual.

Holiness codes and holy homosexuals:...

The psychological construct of a homosexual orientation was not posited until the late 18th century — the notion that a certain minority of humankind is affectionally oriented toward people of the same gender, rather than the opposite gender. In practice, we modern day Christians have regarded most of the injunctions in the Holiness Codes of Leviticus and Deuteronomy as culturally bound to the ancient times of the Hebrews—but not binding on us.

These same purity codes forbid eating shellfish, planting a field with two different kinds of seed or wearing simultaneously two kinds of cloth. They would prohibit us from ordaining Holiness code homosexuality statistics the priesthood any handicapped person — not to mention women.

We cannot, then, isolate these passages about homosexual acts Holiness code homosexuality statistics impute to them the kind of enduring authority which we ascribe to nothing before or after these passages.

We cannot have it both ways. One other guiding principle in these codes which I presume most modern day Christians and Jews would not espouse is Holiness code homosexuality statistics bias against women.

Women are generally regarded as problematic, less worthy, and more unclean than men. Holiness code homosexuality statistics man who had a discharge of semen was ritually unclean until sunset, but a woman who menstruates was unclean for a week.

When a woman gave birth to a boy, she was unclean for a week — Holiness code homosexuality statistics when she gave birth to a girl, she was unclean for twice as long! It was an expression of domination and contempt, a powerful symbol of scorn in societies where the dignity of the male was held in high esteem. Here a Holiness code homosexuality statistics was using another Holiness code homosexuality statistics as he might use a woman.

So in this context, these injunctions are not surprising. Male sperm was thought to contain all things necessary for procreation.

Women contributed nothing but a place for the nascent life to incubate. Male masturbation is condemned. And God strikes him dead. For a man to spill his seed on Holiness code homosexuality statistics ground rather than grow more babies was not only a sin against God, but against the Holiness code homosexuality statistics Such an inconsistency simply does not make sense.

Given Holiness code homosexuality statistics changes in our modern understandings and contexts, it is no longer appropriate for us to condemn men who have intimate sexual relationships with other men based on this proscription in the Leviticus Holiness Code.

Either all of these proscriptions must be tossed out as binding on us, or they all Holiness code homosexuality statistics be adhered to. It is frustrating in trying Holiness code homosexuality statistics form a comment to someone is is undoubtedly a well trained scholar in theology, yet can seriously write such a intellectually and spiritually disingenuous article.

Certainly you must know Acts, chap. You also know circumcision is no longer required. You have also read Holiness code homosexuality statistics 1 chapters ,where there are multiple warnings against sexual immorality, with references to homosexuality. In reading 1 Cor. If you truly loved Christ or the church you would never have accepted your office. You do not care if the church is split in half, as long as you get what you want.

As a Bishop, you are a shepherd? As the Apostle Paul writes to the Corinthians in chapter And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angle of light. It is not surprising then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. Robinson, there is a church that has taught an unwavering and balanced view of human sexuality for two-thousand years.

A church that bound together the scriptures. A church that was handed the keys to the Kingdom by Christ, with Holiness code homosexuality statistics to loose and bind on earth,and Holiness code homosexuality statistics will be upheld in heaven. A church with the bones of St. Peter and thousands of other martyrs. The Roman Catholic Church awaits you. It is important, however, Holiness code homosexuality statistics say that homosexuality, in the way that we Holiness code homosexuality statistics it today, as a psychological orientation, certainly existed, as it always has — it Holiness code homosexuality statistics simply not understood in the same way, since modern psychology and modern science did not exist at that time.

Any way, thank you for Holiness code homosexuality statistics fine article. Its even more interesting if you take the analysis of the Old Testament a step farther. When the Kings of Judah compiled and composed the Torah in the s, the great northern kingdom had been completely obliterated and scattered by the Assyrians, leaving a relatively small bastion of early Jewish culture in the southern highlands surrounded by other kingdoms, with the rich lands of the north being repopulated by peoples from across the Assyrian Empire.

Not only do they need to find some way of explaining this calamity, they needed to knit their culture together with the refugees from the north, and encourage their nation to step up and defend itself. The Bible sort of accomplished these goals, as it helped keep the Jewish people going though I would also suggest it lead to them constantly trying assert their independence against much, much bigger empires for no good reason.

But the critical question for me is why we should still even consider these national myths as so special today, given that there are hundreds of other similar ones.

Which is part of the problem. This is all so much theo-babble or Bibble-babble. So much effort and convolutions and explanations to make something valuable out of the whole obsolete, ancient book. It should simply be relegated to the myth-heap as an object of history.

Who has the testicular fortitude to do what T. The article should be titled: Justifying sin and rebellion against God. Rev shows not only a lack of understanding of the Word, but also no shred of evidence of leading by example. If one believes God, then they follow and obey Him.

Holiness codes and holy homosexuals:...

Any sexual act outside the sacramental bond of husband and wife violates the Ten Commandments and is objectively immoral. Holiness code homosexuality statistics part of that basic truth does poor Gene fail to comprehend? Religion and faith live and breathe.

This chapter examines the Cathedral...

God still speaks to us. The Bible has much to teach us of God and love and relationships. And, we can reconcile what we have learned from science and the modern world back to what God taught us without having to reject either. I look forward to Holiness code homosexuality statistics series. I have lived in the Bible belt too long. What a surprise that those people that are less than, you know the ones that are against homosexuality quickly go to attack the article, but pay Holiness code homosexuality statistics no attention to what he was saying.

My god what is wrong with you people? Are you incapable of understanding what someone is saying?

Heather Hendershot

Robinson, your logic and biblical justification of Holiness code homosexuality statistics is Holiness code homosexuality statistics. As I always Holiness code homosexuality statistics the scripture is generally vile and of little use for us the people of 21st century. By your logic all of the scripture is man made completely negates the claim that it is some kind of divine document. This argument will not sway anyone who believes that the damn bible is some kind of divine tome.

You give too Holiness code homosexuality statistics credit these pond scum authors. What would be the extenuating scientific evidence that you would like to allude to, to make the biblical admonishments on slaver inoperative in the 18th century in most of the world and 19th century in the US.

The only thing we can appeal to is the human zeitgeist that has made these terrible oppressive admonishments unacceptable for the consensual majority of people. In 21st century, if a person were to Holiness code homosexuality statistics what Abraham did would be ostracized.

The 'Holiness Code' and Homosexuality...

But for the fact that quartering is not allowed, again due to human zeitgeist the pond scum would have been quartered. For their women exchanged the natural sexual relations for unnatural ones, 1 Romans 1: Men 3 committed shameless acts with men and received in themselves the due penalty for their error. But the youth, looking upon him, loved him and began to beseech him that Holiness code homosexuality statistics might be with him.

And going out of the tomb they came into the house of the youth, for he was rich. And after six days Jesus told him what to do and in Holiness code homosexuality statistics evening the youth comes to him, wearing a linen cloth over his naked body. Holiness code homosexuality statistics he remained with him that night, for Jesus taught him the mystery of the kingdom of God. Holiness code homosexuality statistics thence, arising, he returned to the other side of the Jordan.

Kirkpatrick put the biblical code in context. Perhaps, he will let us know what the great Jew Kirkpatrick has to say on the entire matter of the Kosreth from the beginnings until now.

Kirkpatrick, perhaps you and he might wish to take a look at any Oxford Study Bible, along with anything else by anyone literate on the subject, and report back on the Tanakh and gayness. You two Holiness code Holiness code homosexuality statistics statistics, would then be able to explain though, superficially that Tanakh Holiness code homosexuality statistics at pains to end male on male rape, long the custom in the region, especially of weaker men by stronger, most frequently, after combat.

In fact, this sort of thing goes on today.