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Canon fd 35mm f2 radioactive dating


Hope you enjoy a photographer and camera collector's Canon fd 35mm f2 radioactive dating of this classic: Since the lens is mildly radioactive, what effect would that have on fogging film?

Is there a time limit for how long the lens can be attached to the camera before it affects or higher film?

The source was the Canon...

Or is the radiation a negligible amount? It won't have any effect. You might notice a difference if you left the lens on the camera, with film loaded, and it sat in your bag for a year or two.

More important, is how you store the lens itself. Since several of the also-radioactive daughter elements of Thorium emit gamma rays Canon fd 35mm f2 radioactive dating they decay, it's just good sense to keep these lenses someplace other than, say, under your bed.

It's unlikely that you'll ever experience ill Canon fd 35mm f2 radioactive dating from the lens in normal use, but why tempt fate, eh? The big danger with a thorium lens is not the radiation emitted, but in it's manufacture.

Polishing a lens element will produce a lot of fine dust. Inhaling thorium dust poses a real threat to those who work in a lens factory which was why most manufacturers stop using the stuff. Not so good for color, unless you like your pics very warm.

It's much more dangerous to you and your Canon fd 35mm f2 radioactive dating More info on the topic: I was a bit paranoid about leaving the lens on, but all Canon fd 35mm f2 radioactive dating fine. I'm betting a smoke detector probably emits far more radiation Canon fd 35mm f2 radioactive dating. One of the 'problems' with this lens is the radioactive glass element in the lens can yellow over time.

Take a look through your 35mm lens against a white background and compare it to any other lens. You may notice the radioactive lens has a minor orange or light brownish tint to it. Some people like this, as it acts like a 'warming' filter. Supposedly you can put the lens in sunlight for an extended period of time days to Canon fd 35mm f2 radioactive dating, depending on who you talk to and that will reduce or eliminate the color shift.

Other than that it has a reputation for being a very sharp lens. Wow, I'll take that bet. Plus, the plastic casing of your smoke detector stops the alpha particles, and the few gamma rays emitted by Americium decay products are "low energy.

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All I'm saying is, these lenses are NOT totally benign. The reason we don't see these kinds of glass being used in consumer products today, is that we know more about the risks associated with ionizing radiation than was known when these lenses were made. Leastways, the manufacturers know more. Exposure limits Canon fd 35mm f2 radioactive dating ionizing radiation are figured as lifetime limits; your exposure is cumulative even Canon fd 35mm f2 radioactive dating years apart.

I'm hardly an expert on this subject, but somebody on another forum I frequent who is, says that whatever type of radiation thorium emits are absorbed by the barrel and other glass elements. Whatever radiation that Canon fd 35mm f2 radioactive dating it to the outside world is Canon fd 35mm f2 radioactive dating. Or so he says. The risk of thorium decay from lenses is so small that's it's effectively meaningless.

Thorium decays by emitting alpha particles. The alpha particles have very little penetrating power and are effectively stopped by a sheet of paper. I have one of these lenses my eldest son is a nuclear physicist and he Canon fd 35mm Canon fd 35mm f2 radioactive dating radioactive dating me that a bunch of bananas are more radioactive than my lens, and the dosage emitted is only a tiny fraction of that allowed to be absorbed by workers in the nuclear industry annually.

Originally posted 67 months ago. It does not fog film. However, it does put beautiful, sharp images on film, albeit with slight barrel distortion. Sign up for a free account, or sign in if you're already a member. If you click it, you'll go home. Go back to the beta groups experience. Chitchat about photos, lenses, cameras, and auxiliary stuff. The Canon FD system The Photos Canon fd 35mm f2 radioactive dating Members Map About.

I review the Canon F-1, the root of Canon's pro line 1 reply. Hello, I recently acquired a Canon FDn mm - mm f5.

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Hi, I am a beginner photographer and managed to find a working Canon AE1 in very Hey guys, Do you know what is the the haze in the lens? Is it fungus or just Smith 3 months ago. HI, Anybody did a head to head comparison between these two flagship lenses? Street Photography Lens 5 replies. I'm a Canon newbie. Sorry if this subject has been flogged to death.

I recently picked up a...

Ive got one of the above. Hello everyone, I was hoping some people could post some shots of FD f Breech Canon fd 35mm f2 radioactive Canon fd 35mm f2 radioactive dating vs Bayonet mount 17 replies. I have bought a Canon F-1n and it came with the FD 50mm 1. View Master Canon fd 35mm f2 radioactive dating Inukshuk - [free agent] says: Would you like to comment?

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