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Matchmaking helsinki


We at Gastro Helsinki want you to get the Matchmaking helsinki out of your visit to the event. To increase Matchmaking helsinki efficiency and productivity during the event, we offer you an opportunity to pre-book 1-on-1 Matchmaking helsinki with other visitors via the Deal Room meeting platform.

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You can see who is attending and suggest meetings with them when Matchmaking helsinki suits you during the events. For exhibitors, we provide meetings booked directly at their booth. Deal Room opens about a week before the event Matchmaking helsinki you will receive an invitation via e-mail. So welcome and start preparing for the event. What sets good conference goers apart from the rest Matchmaking helsinki preparation.

Unfortunately — most people do not prepare for events. This is what you can Matchmaking helsinki differently. Main things to do:.

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Mark the most interesting things to your calendar and utilize Deal Room to book meetings. Do not just have Matchmaking helsinki thing there. It helps tremendously to not just have goals, but to know exactly who you want to meet.

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Therefore, take some time in order to really look into Matchmaking helsinki people who are coming using the Deal Room Matchmaking helsinkiwhat they are interested in, how they relate to you and what you could talk Matchmaking helsinki. Then reach out to them Matchmaking helsinki the Matchmaking helsinki tool. Matchmaking in Matchmaking helsinki Matchmaking helsinki. Dealroom Matchmaking area We at Gastro Helsinki want you to get Matchmaking helsinki most out of your visit to the event.

Main things to do: We mean something along the lines of: Meet 25 participants relevant to you. Distribute business cards. Watch at least 1 keynote.

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Learn Matchmaking helsinki Matchmaking helsinki things that will help you in your work.

Check the Deal Room to see who are coming you to meet. Hold yourself and your whole team accountable.

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