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Vilnius divine mercy image


But what you might not know is that more than miles north of Krakow, in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, there is another Sanctuary of Divine Mercy, one which houses the first image of the merciful Jesus created, and the only Image of Vilnius divine mercy image Mercy St. Faustina herself ever saw.

Since long before St. In fact, in the s, a painting of Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn was created and placed in a niche above Vilnius divine mercy image of the prominent city gates. It was in this small chapel of the Mother of Mercy, above the gate, that the Image of Divine Mercy was first displayed. Faustina Kowalska was a young Polish nun born at the beginning of the 20th century. Faustina received her first revelation of the merciful Jesus in Plock, Poland in February At the time, she had made her first vows as one of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy.

Inafter she made her perpetual vows, her superior directed her to move to the convent house in Vilnius. She stayed there for three years and this is where she Vilnius divine mercy image many more visions of Jesus. Vilnius is also where she found a priest to be her spiritual director, the now-Bl. With the help of Fr. In Vilnius divine mercy image creation, St. The image shows Christ with his right hand raised as if giving a blessing, and the left touching his chest.

Two rays, one pale, one red — which Jesus said are to signify water and blood — are descending from Vilnius divine mercy image heart. Faustina recorded all of her visions and conversations with Jesus in her diary, called Divine Mercy in My Soul. Vilnius divine mercy image she wrote the words of Jesus about the graces that would pour out on anyone who prayed before the image:.

The Shrine is close the...

I also promise victory over [its] enemies already here on earth, especially at the hour of death. I Myself will defend [that soul] as My own glory. When the image was completed, it was first kept in the corridor of the convent of the Bernardine Sisters, which was beside the Church of St. In March St. Faustina became sick, with what is believed to have been tuberculosis, and was transferred back to Poland by Vilnius divine mercy image superiors.

This is the original image...

She died near Krakow in Octoberat the age of Faustina, because of her illness, was brought back to Krakow by her superiors. Jesus, Vilnius divine mercy image one of St. Faustina's visions, had expressed his wish that the image be put in a place of honor, above the main altar of the church.

About the Shrine of Divine...

And so, though St. Faustina had already returned to Poland, on the first Sunday after Easter inthey hung the image of Merciful Jesus next to the main altar in the Church of St. Archbishop Grusas explained that many people have only recently learned about the image because it was hidden for many years, and it was only rediscovered and restored within the last 15 years.

Michael and abolished the convent. Many of the sacred objects and artworks were moved to another church to be saved from Soviet hands, but Vilnius divine mercy image Divine Mercy image was left undisturbed in St.

Michael's for several years. Intwo women were able to pay the keeper of St. Michael's church and save the image. Since it couldn't be taken across the border to Poland, they gave it to the priest in charge of Vilnius divine mercy image Church of the Holy Spirit for safekeeping. Vilnius divine mercy image years later it was moved to a church in Belarus, where it remained for over a decade. In this church too Vilnius divine mercy image shut down by the government and looted, but miraculously, again Vilnius divine mercy image Image of Divine Mercy was untouched.

Eventually it was brought back to Lithuania in secret and again given to the Church of the Holy Spirit. In the early s its significance was rediscovered and after a professional restoration it was rehung in the nearby Church of the Holy Trinity inwhich is Vilnius divine mercy image Vilnius divine mercy image Shrine of Divine Mercy.

Today in Vilnius the archdiocese has begun to set up a guide for pilgrims who come and Vilnius divine mercy image to visit the holy sites, such as the place where St.

This is the original image...

Faustina lived, the room where the image was painted, and the several churches which all held the painting at different points. Catholic NewsDivine Vilnius divine mercy image. Pope Francis on Monday met with representatives of a centuries-old Marian order of priests and Pope Francis will arrive in Vilnius, Lithuania, on Sept.

During his first day in the city, Original painting of the Divine Mercy, by Eugeniusz Kazimirowski in The story of St.

Faustina and Divine Mercy St. Cling to divine mercy, Pope Francis urges Mercedarian Order Pope Francis on Monday met with representatives of Vilnius divine mercy image centuries-old Vilnius divine mercy image order of priests and Krakow's new archbishop talks St. John Paul II to the papacy has a new archbishop:

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