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Tell tale signs of lying eyes


In the excerpt below, the authors reveal six telltale signs someone is lying. Behavioral pause or delay You ask a person a question and you initially get nothing. After a delay, he begins to respond.

Former CIA officers Philip Houston,...

Try this exercise on a friend: Yet, a deceptive person will potentially do it without even thinking about it. There are a couple of caveats associated with this particular indicator. First, this indicator is only applicable Tell tale signs of lying eyes a narrative response, not in a one-word or short-phrase response. This shielding may be accomplished with a hand, or the person might even close her eyes.

But if Tell tale signs of lying eyes does it before he answers, a couple of things might be happening. Or physiologically, the question might have created a spike in anxiety, which can Tell tale signs of lying eyes discomfort or dryness in the mouth and throat.

But new research suggests that...

Hand-to-face activity Be on the lookout for anything a person does with his face or in the head region in response to your question. This often takes the form of biting or licking the lips, or pulling on the lips or ears.

People also tend to blink...

The reason goes back to simple high school science. That, in turn, triggers the autonomic nervous system to go to work to dissipate the anxiety, draining blood from the Tell tale signs of lying eyes of the face, the ears, and the extremities—which can create a sensation of cold or itchiness.

Grooming gestures Another way that some people may dissipate anxiety is through physical activity in the form of grooming oneself or the immediate surroundings. When responding to a question, a deceptive man might adjust his tie or shirt cuffs, or maybe his glasses. An untruthful woman Tell tale signs of lying eyes move a few strands of hair behind her ear, or straighten her skirt.

These are lying eyes, according...

Tidying up the surroundings is another form of grooming gesture. You seem to be logged out. Refresh your page, login and try again. Sorry, comments are currently closed.

You can tell someone's lying...

You are posting comments too quickly. The signs that someone is lying aren't as clear as Pinocchio's nose, but they're there. Verbal and non-verbal disconnects. Hiding the mouth or eyes. Reprinted with permission of Griffin, an imprint of St. There's a discussion among 16 members. Press "Read Comments" to view.

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