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Watsu treatment


The only requirement of you during this light, flowing treatment is to relax completely and Watsu treatment hand over responsibility to the therapist, whom ensures your face remains Watsu treatment supported above water for the entire session.

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The water envelops and Watsu treatment your body in Watsu treatment way impossible to achieve on land, eradicating pressure on joints and the spine and encouraging total relaxation. In Watsu treatment with the weightlessness of the massage, you will be asked to remove any hair ties or wristbands, to ensure you are as detached as possible from the physical weight and trappings of day to day life.

Watsu can be a profound...

This means you can totally give your mind and body over to the sweeping movements, reflexologies and sensations taking place. The therapist alternatively massages your hands, feet, arms, legs, and head, keeping your head and body securely but lightly supported. You are pulled, pushed, rocked, stretched and slowly swung through the water to give the impression of swimming without movement, so that every limb feels light and stretched.

Watsu treatment to expect from your first Watsu at the Watsu treatment Bath: You will be led into Watsu treatment warm, mineral-rich water of the Hot Bath Watsu treatment to standing depth by the therapist. Your therapist will attach comfortable floats to your legs and arms depending on your natural buoyancy levels, and gently lay you back in the water, supporting your head.

This signature treatment is performed...

They will then perform a unique series of therapeutic stretches, massages and movements designed to help you Watsu treatment achieve Watsu treatment ultimate healing relaxation. By the end of your treatment you will Watsu treatment lighter and more relaxed. Some customers even report having an emotional Watsu treatment, they find the experience so liberating and moving. Speak to a therapist before you try a Watsu water massage if: Achieve total weightless relaxation for the first time: Read more about Watsu.

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Watsu is a gentle form...

Thermae Bath Spa Britain's Watsu treatment natural thermal Watsu treatment Reservations: Treatment of the month: Highlights Having your head Watsu treatment in a soft flotation device while the therapist works on your feet and legs. Having your body cradled and spun slowly through the water Watsu treatment a Watsu water massage Watsu treatment treatment Read more about Watsu Back to news.

Watsu is a form of...

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Health concerns that have been...

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