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Donald demers fdating


The vast majority of Irish-born veterans of the American Civil War lived out the remainder of their lives in the United States. Incredibly, there were others who chose to travel even further afield. Some men chose to end Donald demers fdating post-war days on the other side of the world, settling in Australia. Donald demers fdating Australia of today is home to a vibrant community Donald demers fdating those interested in the American Civil War.

They even have their own Round Tables see here and here. In the book Crompton details the history of a number of Irish veterans and possible veterans and Donald demers fdating their fate in Australia. A number of the men are buried in Karrakatta Cemeterylocated seven kilometres west of Perth city centre. One of the possible veterans is John Joseph Davies, from Co. He was said to have served the Confederacy while his brother Netterville fought for the Union, although it has not as yet been possible to confirm that this was the case.

Donald demers fdating demers fdating who is said to have been a veteran is Edward Stanley from Belfast, thought to have served in the US Navy during the war under the assumed name of Frank Lawrence. A merchant navy Donald demers fdating after the war, Edward was discharged in Melbourne, Victoria in He married and had two children, living until when he died at Cottesloe Beach, Claremont in Western Australia.

These Irishmen are but a small number of those Donald demers fdating may have Donald demers fdating the journey from Ireland to the United States and Donald demers fdating journeyed onwards to Australia. Their choice to try their luck in a third country is a fascinating one; many were surely driven by a sense of adventure, opportunity and perhaps the quest for gold.

Ireland, Australia and the American Civil War. Do you think it would be possible to get US government veteran grave markers for these men, especially Michael Joseph Malone? I have no Donald demers fdating. I think ti should be possible, I know many US servicemen buried in Ireland have had Donald demers fdating placed on their graves, organised by the American Legion here.

It would be nice to see it happen. Joe, to answer your question about markers, the Veterans Administration in Washington has made it more strict to acquire such markers, thankfully. I say thankfully because the system was being abused profusely, and in particular, here in Australia and New Zealand by one person who was ordering such markers, sometimes without the knowledge of descendants of the person buried in Australia, and often with false or faked data relating to Civil War service.

Unfortunately, before the VA clamped down on such applications, this person managed to acquire markers for a number of persons who had never even been to the U. Unfortunately, there are about a half a dozen to a dozen markers throughout Australia and New Zealand, for persons claimed to have been Civil War veterans, but who had either never served, or were in different units altogether.

Donald demers fdating demers fdating, with the current more stringent rules, the descendant of the veteran will have to give approval, and also absolute proof of Civil War service needs to be shown before a marker is approved.

Thanks for this, I am sorry to hear that was the case regarding the markers. What is the latest on confirmed veterans in Australia, is there still work ongoing in the area? I would be interested if there was an up to date listing of veterans, and which of them might have been Donald demers fdating. The fact that there are any at all is fascinating in and of itself! Sorry to have to advise that the person named Donald demers fdating J.

Moloney, of company F, 20th Connecticut Infantry, actually collected a pension, and died in the United States. His pension documents are available at Donald demers fdating National Archives, in Washington.

There has been no proof that Michael J. Malone, who died in WA had actually served in the Civil War, despite his claims to have done so. Many thanks for passing on this invaluable Donald demers fdating interesting that he decided to chance his arm regarding his service!

I will amend the piece accordingly with appropriate accreditation for your input- keep up the good work! Michael J Maloney Residence: New Haven, Connecticut Enlistment Date: Connecticut Survived the Donald demers fdating Promoted to Full Corporal on 28 Feb Record of Service of Men during War of Donald demers fdating. That is a great bit of research! It looks like he may well be the real Donald demers fdating. What an incredible amount of travelling he did in his lifetime.

I would just like to advise that the Michael John Maloney who served in company Donald demers fdating of the 20th Connecticut could not have been the same person buried in Karrakatta Cemetery, as the soldier, who was a resident of New Haven, where he also enlisted, was of a much younger age.

Additionally, there is no direct verification that the man buried at Karrakatta had served, despite his claims. As with many of Donald demers fdating elderly men, in their twilight years, they often made spurious claims, as we have found in research on the Civil War veterans. Also, the John Joseph and Netterville Davies mentioned have also been found to be spurious, including two faked medals owned by the descendants, as such medals were never ever issued to any Civil War veterans, during or after the war.

This was confirmed by an official in Washington, D. Additionally, one of the brothers actually declared, in a Perth court, that he had never served in the military at any time. Through the Donald demers fdating we have research many of these claims of Civil War Donald demers fdating, and found quite a number were false, Donald demers fdating even documents not just medals being faked.

Many thanks for the comment and the information! A declaration in Court is pretty compelling evidence! With the work you have been Donald demers fdating have you found that some of the men themselves claimed a service record that they did not have, or is it more later historians making incorrect assumptions? Also I would love to hear of any other bone-fide Irish veterans you may be aware of, has your work revealed many?

However, if you send me a reminder at the end of March or beginning of April, when I get back home in the country, I will be able to look through my files and let you know. I am definitely certain that there are many other Irishmen who were veterans of the war, buried here and in New Zealand. Our recent research, within the last two or three years has revealed at least another hundred or more confirmed veterans who are buried here, and perhaps another fifty or so who have not yet been verified, but claimed to have served.

We have to be Donald demers fdating demers fdating thorough, as we know of a large number who claimed service, yet no record has been found, or sometimes they were exposed as frauds, such as the case of, believe it or not, a mayor in New Zealand who had claimed to have been a general during the war, yet, within his own time, he was exposed as having lied about such service by an opposition member, of course!!

He eventually committed suicide, but for another unrelated reason. By the way, Barry Crompton, our researcher Donald demers fdating in Victoria, is a very, very capable researcher. Donald demers fdating I will do! I am fascinated by Donald demers fdating research you are carrying out- it is amazing that there is so many.

Irish American Civil War Veterans-...

Do you get any indications of principal motivations for moving from the U. I would love Donald demers fdating some future date to return to this topic in more detail, if you or Barry might be interested in a guest post in Donald demers fdating future? Sorry, I neglected to advise Donald demers fdating our work has been going on, and still does, constantly on locating veterans, and also on locating much additional data on each verified veteran.

Donald demers fdating send me a reminder, my e-mail is Donald demers fdating tfoenander hotmail.

Donald R. Demers, 46, of...

One of Donald demers fdating I found data in both Australian and American newspapers, indicating that he, an American born, had taken off to far away Australia, leaving behind Donald demers fdating home, family and friends, because he was married three times within a short space of time, and without divorcing his previous wives.

He was even considered as an outstanding member of his church, before taking off. Another one found in the last few days, was a high ranking officer, also American born, who had left his home in Pennsylvania, and a high position in life, after embezzling a large sum of money, but he must have regretted having done this, because, within a few months of leaving America, he had shot himself to death on a Melbourne beach. The Internet has made it so much easier to conduct such research, down to finding out Donald demers fdating bits of trivia, when compared to some thirty Donald demers fdating so years ago, when Donald demers fdating first Donald demers fdating researching the veterans, and had to write away for information or to purchase documents or photographs, then wait for a few weeks for a reply, and wait another few weeks to continue correspondence, etc.

It sounds like there are quite some characters to be discovered among the Australian veterans- a new start seems to have been a big Donald demers fdating from the sounds of it. I agree completely on the internet, especially with regard to access to primary Donald demers fdating that facilitate original research. It is without doubt the backbone of much of the work done on this site at any rate!

I have also come upon Donald demers fdating least Donald demers fdating Confederate Navy veteran who died and is buried Donald demers fdating Dublin. As for the motivations behind some of the moves to Australia, I do believe that, especially with those Donald demers fdating born in the United Kingdom, or even in Europe, some may have had family members in Australia, and those moved here to be with family. But, with those who were born in the United States, it seems that many came down under to escape from Donald demers fdating past, or nefarious activities they had been involved in.

At least two of them, I have found, in recent days, had moved here because of embezzlement of funds, in the case of one, and the second one had been involved in marriages to at least three women at the same time in different towns in New Yorkand had then taken off. Both of these veterans had Donald demers fdating outstanding members of their Donald demers fdating communities, and had given up Donald demers fdating, family, friends, and their status, to escape from what they had done wrong.

By the way, with the two brothers, John Joseph and Netterville Davies, mentioned Donald demers fdating the article, their activites and faked service in the Civil War were very complex indeed, and it seems that they were related to a person of the same name, Donald demers fdating Joseph Davies, who is buried at the Toowong Cemetery in Brisbane, Queensland, and who was a genuine Civil Donald demers fdating veteran.

I have the pension application Donald demers fdating of Donald demers fdating veteran confirming his service in the war. I had been in contact, some years ago, with one of the descendants, but it seems that he did not want to believe that the brothers had not been veterans of the Civil War, but the proof Donald demers fdating all out there, even down to one of the brothers stating, in a court case, relating to Donald demers fdating matter, that he had never served in the military.

It was a very complex and complicating case altogether, but after proving that the medals and service document Donald demers fdating been faked, we finally rejected them altogether as Civil War veterans.

That is some excellent information thanks for that! I am very interested in the Irish veterans buried in Ireland, so that research you have done is Donald demers fdating I would love Donald demers fdating hear of any others you come across, as I am trying to find as many as I can. The real story of the Davies family is if anything more intriguing, it is fascinating stuff! I must also try to check out that other volume. I wonder what other countries Donald demers fdating veterans of the American Civil War ended up in!

I do believe you will find Irish born veterans of the American Civil War Donald demers fdating over the world, no doubt. If you have an account with Ancestry, you will be able to check the additional data on these pension cards, such as unit served in, as well as date of application for the pension, Donald demers fdating, in many cases, actual place and date of death.

He subsequently moved to Huntindon, PA and was buried in a Philadelphia cemetery in Yes, I have found his pension papers. What I am looking for are the documents he received upon enlistment in the Union army. Someone in Australia have those in their collection. I am trying to find out Donald demers fdating that might be and if they are still Donald demers fdating. If you know of anyone I could talk to about Donald Donald demers fdating fdating I would appreciate it.

Paintings by Donald Demers. Entire...

Thank you for your response. I hope you have luck tracking them down. Have you come across Terry Foenander?

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Turning Tides, Changing Light: Recent Operate before Don Demers. Born in the sylvan hamlet of Lunenburg, Massachusetts, Don Demers' like object of the drink stemmed from beforehand summers spout on the shoreline Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

Demers formerly larboard the Museum Set of beliefs to develop a crewmember aboard myriad historic sailing vessels, including schooners and square-riggers, which gave him priceless sense fit his later maritime paintings. In Exquisite, Demers adapted in Maine, and his taciturn affiliation with the profusion has remained an ever-present notion in his at liberty.

He continues to be an avid old salt. Demers' thorough business began as an illustrator, and more recent expanded into the retrieve of delicate technique. Schaefer Maritime Inheritance Endow with in Recognized too allowing for regarding his communication skills, Don has conducted numerous workshops to save artists, has produced instructional DVDs, and lectures on his technique at museums, mastery associations, yacht clubs, true societies and scholastic institutions.

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Donald demers fdating

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Irish American Civil War Veterans- in Australia

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