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Arabic part of homosexuality


Recall the media coverage Arabic part of homosexuality the height of the Jimmy Savile scandal, times it by about a thousand, and you get an idea of the hysteria currently surrounding gay men in Egypt. Two detained gay rights campaigners who waved the rainbow flag at a recent Cairo pop concert, and thus provoked the clampdown, are presently learning that the hard way.

We should recall, though, that Egypt is a country of 95 million people, and those arrested mostly deny being gay.

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As someone who lived in the Arabic part of homosexuality for more a decade, is fluent in Egyptian Arabic and has written a book on the country that includes a chapter on male prostitution, I Arabic part of homosexuality testify quite emphatically that the exact opposite is Arabic part of homosexuality. And therein lies the rub, as it were.

Hamed Sinno, the lead singer of Lebanese band Mashrou Leila image: Western correspondents filing dispatches about gay persecution in Egypt and the wider region are ignoring the more nuanced reality. Just as predictably, bigots determined to show how Islam restricts sexual freedom are also having a ball. But the latter especially are wide of the mark. The Koran singles out sex between men as a transgression, but uniquely in Arabic part of homosexuality Islamic holy book, proscribes no punishment.

Even then, for those caught, social rehabilitation is Arabic part of homosexuality. The implication is that they will be forever young, handsome, ready and willing.

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Arabic part of homosexuality Hence the lack of witch-hunts throughout Islamic history. And from the 9th until the early 20th century, the love object in Arabic poetry was nearly always a beautiful boy. To illustrate how, I can give two of the countless examples I witnessed. A Saudi friend studying at university blurted out over coffee that he had fallen madly in love with an Afghan boy working in a carpet shop, and asked for advice on how to pull him.

In Tunisia, two friends came round for Arabic part of homosexuality. A Justin Bieber special started on the cable TV channel, and I reached for the remote to turn it off. In fact, they spent the rest of the evening using my computer to chat with a French Arabic part of homosexuality one had hooked up with a few months earlier when she was holidaying there.

Like most of the young, unmarried Arab men I befriended over the decades, they knew a gorgeous boy when they saw one, but would have considered it absurd to attach to such desire an all-consuming social identity symbolised by the rainbow flag.

However, I just calculated a...

Last week, an Egyptian parliamentarian, Mustafa Bakri, inadvertently Arabic part of homosexuality at why this flag triggers such panic. Still, not to worry. The commotion will blow over and Egyptian boys, like Arab boys everywhere, will get back to banging each other like rabbits as they Arabic part of homosexuality been doing for millennia. It would take more than the rantings of an MP to eradicate such a deeply entrenched tradition.

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The golden rule, though, will remain: Who needs the gay ghetto and the equally ghastly dating apps, still less the infantile nonsense that passes for gay cultural expression, when the souks Arabic part of homosexuality coffee shops are teeming with charming boys perfectly happy to jump into bed as long as they trust that the next day you will not tell all and sundry what you got up to?

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