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Lungsod ng Marikinaor simply known as Marikina Cityis a 1st class highly urbanized city in Metro ManilaPhilippines. According to the census, it has a population ofAno ang hookup pangalan ng marikina. It is bordered on the west by Quezon Cityto the south by Pasig and Caintato the Ano ang hookup pangalan ng marikina by San Mateo and to the east by Antipolothe capital of Ano ang hookup pangalan ng marikina province. Marikina was the provincial capital of the Province of Manila from to A formerly rural settlement, Marikina is now primarily residential and industrial, and has become increasingly commercial in recent Ano ang hookup pangalan ng marikina. Marikina is also considered one of the wealthiest local government units in the Philippines.

The city is under the jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Antipolo. It is the site of the oldest church in the valley, Nuestra Senora de los Desamparados, originally built in as a bamboo structure.

In view of the non-existence of records or documents on Ano ang hookup pangalan ng marikina the name Marikina came into being, the following legends were gathered from elder residents of the different barrios in Marikina. Sierra Madre mountains Ano ang hookup pangalan ng marikina to the east and Quezon City hills to the west. Marikina River runs through the mid-west portion of the city, with its tributary including Nangka Ano ang hookup pangalan ng marikina. The total land area of Marikina is approximately This represents about 3.

At present, the city is composed of 16 barangays. The south portion of the city comprises numerous commercial, industrial and residential areas, heritage sites and mixed use zones, while the north and northeast portion are Ano ang hookup pangalan ng marikina residential and industrial zones, and various establishments such as small and medium enterprises. Loyola Grand Villas, located at the northwest portion of the city, is a gated community comprising upper-middle class and wealthy residential areas.

Elena represents a poblacionor the center of Marikina. From the north, Marikina occupies most of the south bank of Nangka River.

The southeast slices by Sapang Baho River occupies the north-west bank. The south portion is sliced by Marcos Highway and occupies most of the north side of the highway and extends to the west until it occupies the LRT-2 Santolan Station depot until it reaches the Marikina River. The east occupies the southernmost of Quezon City hills which lies in Barangay Industrial Valley and sliced by C5 Road occupies the west side until it reaches Ateneo de Manila Ano ang hookup pangalan ng marikina campus.

The east part of the campus covers the city, extending to the north and sliced by several roads of Loyola Grand Villas, which covers the east part of the village until it reaches Marikina River and its tributary Nangka River to the north. Marikina River runs to the western part of the city and surrounded by many lush trees in the Marikina River Park on the riverbanks. The south portion of the river is surrounded by structures and concrete Ano ang hookup pangalan ng marikina. The river covers an area of Ano ang hookup pangalan ng marikina hectares and measures about 11 kilometers in length, and is the principal drainage system for Marikina.

Its depth measures from 12 meters up to 18 meters during heavy downpour. Rehabilitation of the River started in The river traverses 11 city barangays which have streets and alleys going to the river, making river parks easily accessible.

River parks today are popular sports and recreational centers not only in Metro Manila but throughout the Philippines. Marikina is prone to various natural disasters, including Typhoon Ketsanaand southwest monsoon flooding such as Habagat. Primarily, flooding within Marikina is caused by the increase Ano ang hookup pangalan ng marikina water level in major rivers and its tributaries, followed by overflowing from its riverbanks Ano ang hookup pangalan ng marikina low-lying areas throughout the city.

Another major threat is earthquakes in Marikina. The east of the fault line, in which a large portion of Marikina is included, is constantly Ano ang hookup pangalan ng marikina. Marikina features a tropical monsoon climate. However, humidity levels are usually very high, which makes it feel much warmer. It has Ano ang hookup pangalan ng marikina distinct, relatively short dry season from January through May, and a relatively lengthy wet season, from June through December.

The first settlers were descendants of Lakan Dula in the s and the area is part of Kingdom of Tondofollowed by Augustinians were the first to arrive at the Ano ang hookup pangalan ng marikina in the s [ citation needed ]at the spot known as Chorillo in Barangka. InOur Lady of the Abandoned Parish was established.

Ano ang hookup pangalan ng marikina, the Jesuits established a mission and built a chapel still known today as Jesus dela Pena Chapel. Fray Pedro de Arce, apostolic ruler of the Archbishop of Manila at that time, approved transfer of ecclesiastical control and supervision to the Jesuitsand settled the place as a town. Inan intensity 8 earthquake struck the valley and nearby Manila, Ano ang hookup pangalan ng marikina citation needed ] and it is related to the activity now known as Marikina Valley Fault System.

Only a Jesuit church experienced great damage and resulting 19 dead on the said earthquake. Inthe town was called "Mariquina" after Felix Berenguer de Marquinawho was the governor-general at that time, and the town was declared a pueblo under the Spanish colonial government. By the 19th century, Hacienda Mariquina was owned and administered by the Tuason family and had become the largest in the Philippines.

The hacienda was declared a mayorazgo by the Spanish colonial government. Mariquina became the capital of the Province of Manila inwhen the Philippine Revolution broke out, a period when Philippine Independence was declared by Emilio Aguinaldothe first Philippine president. On June 11,shortly after the United States took possession of the Philippines, its name officially became "Marikina". The province of Rizal was created by virtue of Act No.

Marikina, along with many other towns around Manilawas incorporated into the new province. During the construction of the train line, not far from Marikina Railway Depot, Marikina Airfield was completed and used for civilian airfield.

Rodriguez Avenue and E. Santos Streets, and the airfield stands today as Paliparan Subdivision. Inthe train line was completely abandoned, while the airfield became primarily used by the Japanese during World War II.

InJapanese Imperial forces occupied Marikina. The town was liberated in by combined U. Almost all of the large buildings, including the church bell tower, were destroyed. In reality, the Japanese had already left the town and retreated to the north. The town saw over civilians casualties by the end of World War II. Honed by years of shoe manufacturing experience, the natives had developed a work ethic that prepared them for the arrival of heavy industries, and the town was finally named as the "Shoe Capital of the Philippines".

With the industrial plants came waves of workers who chose to stay, rapidly increasing the population. InKapitan Moy's house now known as Sentrong Pangkultura ng Marikina was declared a national shrine by the town council and the National Historical Commission. On November 7,by virtue of Presidential Decree No. On October 23,Typhoon Unsang Ano ang hookup pangalan ng marikina heavy rains, causing widespread flooding in Marikina for the first time.

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Large parts of Marikina was submerged by floods and many residents were stranded on their house rooftops and trees, and their properties and businesses were extensively damaged. ByMarikina had become an industrialized urban municipality under the leadership of Bayani Fernando. Marikina River was transformed into a waterway, with the Marikina River Park along the riverbanks.

On December 8,the municipality of Marikina became a city and transformed rapidly into a highly urbanized. Inunder Republic Act No. On September 26—27,Marikina was widely devastated by a flash flood from the overflowing Marikina Riverdue to torrential rains caused by Tropical Storm "Ondoy" Ketsana. The river reached the meter mark, the worst flooding in two decades. The city was declared under state of calamity, as flood water flowed throughout the towns and barangays.

National and international aides arrived immediately for relief, retrieval and recovery operations. The population of Marikina is near half a million, making Ano ang hookup pangalan ng marikina one of the most densely populated areas in the Philippines.

Like other places in Metro Manila, the original settlers are Tagalog. There has been a constant migration of other ethnic groups in the Philippines. Tagalog is widely spoken and the main language in Marikina, while English is used in education and business. Marikina was one of the seats of the Spanish colonial government in past centuries, and has been used as the base of Roman Catholic missions to the Philippines. Religious orders include the Dominicansthe Franciscansthe Jesuits and the Augustinianswhich were the first to arrive in Marikina.

The majority of the population is Roman Catholic. Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ 4th Watch headquarters are Ano ang hookup pangalan ng marikina in the city. Other small religions in Marikina are HinduismBuddhism and Islam. Marikina is the biggest manufacturer of quality shoes in the Philippines. It is also the Philippines' largest worldwide exporter of leather shoes that tagged Marikina as the Shoe Capital of the Philippines.

Hundreds of footwear establishments are located throughout the city, generating thousands of jobs and city financial resources that continue to make the Ano ang hookup pangalan ng marikina and leather industry the top livelihood in the city.

By the s, the Marikina shoe industry was affected by competition from Chinese manufacturers. The financial resources of Marikina is scattered all over the city, but the southern part is primarily concentrated which includes business establishments and commercial facilities, while the northern part is factories and warehouses. Riverbanks Center is the city's commercial center situated southwest of the city where shopping malls and recreation areas are located.

Real estate, commercial developments and numerous commercial establishment along Marcos Ano ang hookup pangalan ng marikina and Sumulong Highway are developing. Sumulong Highway is the center of business and trade, and it has mixed establishments such as banking, small shops, retail shops, electronics, and appliances. Almost all of major international and local commercial and government banks in the Philippines operate branches in the city. Dubbed as Marikina Market Mall, Marikina Public Ano ang hookup pangalan ng marikina is a centralized modern market and an attraction for shoppers with a mall-like ambiance.

The market is divided Ano ang hookup pangalan ng marikina two sections: Commerce in this market is active mostly during early mornings and late afternoons. There are also food stalls and eateries located inside the market.

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Some of Marikina's local products are handicrafts, sweet delicacies, leathers, clothing, food processing, bags, accessories, and footwears. SM City Marikina is currently the largest shopping mall in the city, while Riverbanks Centera community shopping complex Ano ang hookup pangalan ng marikina near Marikina River is a popular outlet store in the eastern Metro Manila region. Other shopping centers located along Marikina-Infanta Highway are Sta.

Like in other city governments in the Philippines, Marikina is governed by a mayor and a vice mayor elected to three-year terms. The mayor is the executive head and leads the city's departments in executing city ordinances and improving public services, along with city councilorswhile the vice mayor Ano ang hookup pangalan ng marikina a legislative council, and these councilors represent the two 2 legislative districts of the city.

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